How to avoid disputes over a rental deposit

Disagreements over security deposits are probably the biggest cause of friction between landlords and their tenants – but they don’t have to be if both parties just follow some basic guidelines.

Tenant selection is imperative

Purchasing an investment property and renting it out can be a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the landlord and tenant, provided the owner of the property adheres to a few key principles from the start when selecting a suitable tenant.

Costs sellers need to factor in when selling

Often sellers expect to get more out of the sale of their property than they actually do because they have not factored in all costs that it takes to get the home sold.

Can you run a business from a sectional title home?

establishing a home-based business or full-time home office in a sectional title (ST) scheme can be problematic, and owners must be sure to do things the right way or they could find their fledging enterprises grounded for good.

Know when it’s time to sell

Adrian Goslett provides homeowners with five signs that they might be ready to place their home on the market:

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