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Aretha Tehuis moet verskuif

Aretha Tehuis het tot Desember om ‘n nuwe heenkome vir die inwoners te kry.

Take the first step to Go Green!

DebtSafe encourages all South African families to work together by recycling; saving water and electricity; and using environmentally friendly products to not only have a positive impact on the environment; but also on their pockets.

Police minister calls for peace in Vuwani

Violence and unrest had flared up again in the area since the announcement that the Municipal Demarcation Board will not reverse the decision with regards to the demarcation of the newly established Lim 345 Municipality.

Onnie sterf ‘te vroeg’

William Gadney (52) was vanaf 2005 tot 2016 aan Laerskool Pietersburg-Oos verbonde, waar hy as sporthoof gedien het.

Citizenship of ‘foreign children’

The Department of Home Affairs said the basic principle of the South African Citizenship Act is that a child follows the citizenship or nationality of his or her parents.

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