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Russian truck drivers strike against road tax

Hundreds of truck drivers across Russia have stopped working, demanding that the government repeals a controversial transport levy, a coordinator told AFP Wednesday.

What happened today in France’s presidential election

Less than a month to the first round of the French presidential election, current frontrunner Emmanuel Macron received a key endorsement and outgoing President Francois Hollande looked forward to his retirement.

Philippine fisherman back home after 58-day sea ordeal

A young fisherman flew home to the Philippines on Wednesday after being given up for dead at sea, battling hunger, thirst and despair for nearly two months on a tiny boat that drifted all the way to Papua New Guinea.

Walesa slams Poland’s populist ‘dictatorship’

Poland’s freedom icon Lech Walesa on Wednesday laid into the powerful boss of the governing right-wing party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, asking if he was seeking to turn the country into “a dictatorship”.

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